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Welcome to Xibalba Freediving Competition! We are one of the best Competitions around the world. Our space includes incredible conditions in a heavenly place surrounded by nature, full of nearby tourist attractions and more. If you are ready to test yourself on the most controlled conditions, peaceful, silent in a natural sink hole and dive against the world’s top athletes, contact us! 

It will be an experience beyond the ordinary!


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“This is such a magical event. It is more than just a well organised, safety conscious freedive competition but a spectacular cenote experience as well. The location is just beautiful and it’s a wonderful chance to explore the area which is so rich in diversity. Our hosts at Lemus freedive school were amazing, knowledgeable and helpful and we would love to come back again soon!”

Georgina Miller, England

“Xibalba 2019 was an awesome freediving competition. The location was unreal. There is so much to see and do in the area. The safety team is super professional and the organisation of the event was perfect.”

David Mulheron, Australia

“Xibalba is a unique competition in freshwater that you can’t find anywhere else. The competition is taking place in Mexico in the middle of the Yucatan peninsula in one of the most beautiful cenotes. Diving to 100 meters in freshwater is quite a unique experience that hard to find. In other places, freshwater usually associated with icy water, but here the temperature is about 24 by Celsius and almost no thermocline. Dives in the cenote are harder then in saltwater, but if you’re a Freediver, you have to try it. Just be careful and limit your dives to 70-80% of your saltwater records. The organizers of the competition are professionals and have a fantastic safety team.”

Andriy Khvetkevych, Ukraine


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Cenote Ucil

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Xibalba’s cenote is one of the deepest with excellent conditions, ideal for freediving. Cenote Ucil has a temperature of 25 Celsius and 26 below 70 meters. The features that deem it ideal for this competition are the crystal clear water, incredible visibility of more than 40 meters, no currents and guaranteed good weather ALWAYS. As there is no light below 40 meters the cenote gets darker but visibility remains the same as on the surface, only getting slightly cloudy at around 83-85 meters.  

With a diameter of 18 meters and 114 meters at its deepest point our cenote makes a great underwater playground. Due to safety reasons the competition’s depth is limited to 92 meters.

Cenote Ucil, Cenotillo, Yucatán.